Monday, November 23, 2009

2003's Journal Quilt Number 5

Here's the center Journal Quilt number 5, in my 2003 series. Clicking on this link for Journal Quilts will take you to all my posts on Journal Quilts.

A little history. The Journal Quilt concept was started by Jeanne Williamson, author of The Uncommon Quilter, in 1999. Jeanne documented all those quilts on her webite. In 2002, Karey Bresenhan, director of International Quilt Festivals, started the Journal Quilt Project, calling on quilt artists all over the world to make one 8 1/2 x 11 quilt per month, for nine months, in time to show them at the Houston Quilt Festival in the fall. 

This continued for five years. For the year 2007, the format changed. Karey called for quilters to make one 17 x 22 (the size of 4 letter size pages) using techniques found in the book Creative Quilting, The Journal Quilt Project. In 2006, Karey chose over 400 journal quilts from the first five years of the project and compiled them into the Creative Quilting book. For the last year of the project, 2008, the quilts were juried. I wrote about mine in this blog post. Go to the Quiltart site and scroll down for links to each year of the Journal Quilts.
I also had a Journal Quilt in the 2007 exhibit and made a series for the 2006 exhibit, one of which is in the Creative Quilting book. More about those little quilts in future blog posts.
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