Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TAST Week 35

It's TAST time again. Week 35 is the Sheaf stitch. I did not like this one, but got through it, albeit a bit sloppily. 

Hopefully, next week will bring a stitch more to my liking. Actually, it will probably be the week after as next week is probably going to be a catch up week. While I don't need to catch up, I do like having a week off!




  1. Oooo! This one has possibilities! I love adding beads and embellishments to almost anything.

  2. You have a neat placement of the stitches, they are all the same with the little pearl but oh, so different they look being worked in the variegated thread. Lovely stitching as always.

  3. So lovely and colourful! Like it!

  4. OH! I LOVE the mixed colors and pearls. Wonderful!

  5. Lovely sample, I love the colors and the beads

  6. Thanks so much to Claudis, Faith, and Severine, my no-reply commenters, who left lovely comments!


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