Friday, June 20, 2014

On the needles and in the mail

Here's my progress on the second Hitofude cardigan I'm making. I first wrote about it last month in this post. I'm linking today's post to Judy L.'s On the Needles. (Maybe someone has some advice on how to photograph really, really dark knitting?)

In that same post, I wrote about the Block Lotto. Well, I won again! Envelopes with blue bar blocks keep coming in the mail. When they're all here, I'm going to lay them out and take a picture to post.

Have a good weekend!



  1. I guess I've never had to photograph any really dark knitting but I can see that it's hard to get the details to show up. Thanks so much for (1) joining us in the link box and (2) linking to your first Hitofude. I have that one in my queue and didn't know there was a group to discuss it. Sounds like I'll need help too. Your first one is beautiful and I know your second one will be too.

  2. If you stopped right now you would have the cardigan I used to use for stretch exercise! Knitting the whole cardigan in 'one go' is such a good idea.
    Sorry can't help with the photo problem.

  3. Is it also hard to work with dark yarn? I've found it tough and wonder whether you have any secrets.

  4. Just had to take a look at your first cardigan, so pretty! Dark is very hard to photograph. I had a black TAST sampler with white embroidery threads, which I only could photograph outside in the sun. Maybe it helps for your knitting too.

  5. What an interesting style of sweater! I would love to see what it looks like on. In your old post the colour of the yarn looks burgundy but in this one it looks black.

  6. That's really great so far! Keep it up!


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