Friday, March 23, 2012

Time to Vote!

I have a quilt in this week's hexagon themed contest at the Quilt Gallery site. Please go and vote for my quilt named "HexFifteen". I first wrote about it here.  You may vote for two different quilts.

Thanks and have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

TAST Week 12

This week's TAST is the Barred chain stitch or the Alternating barred chain stitch. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the running stitch was very uninspiring for me. Well, I thought the same when I saw this stitch. I checked all my crazy quilting and embroidery books and none of them had any reference to it. I searched online and found only a few sites with tutorials, including Sharron B.'s, who hosts the TAST. 

I still don't like the stitch. In fact, I think it's ugly, excuse me! But, I managed to make something out of it. It looked so boring to me, so I had to add some beads AND some French knots.



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TAST Week 11

This week's TAST is the Whipped Wheel stitch. I have no story or explanation to go with it. Just the photo.



Thursday, March 8, 2012

TAST Week 10

Karen of Sew Many Ways recently posted a great piece with advice for bloggers and their readers about commenting issues. Please read her tips for making it easier for your readers to comment and for making sure that when you leave a comment on a blog, the blogger will be able to reply to you. Karen writes a ton of great tutorials on crafting and blogging. It is very worth your while to spend some time exploring her blog.

This is another lazy TAST stitching week for me. The TAST this week is the running stitch and I was very uninspired by it. While looking through my crazy quilting books, I was struck by this variation which Judith Baker Montano calls a laced running stitch. I thought about using beads to fill the half moon shapes, but I was too lazy to take them out, so made French knots instead.



Friday, March 2, 2012

TAST Week 9

Before I get to the TAST, I want to share with you the blog of an amazing Israeli needleworker. Yoola of Design with a Crochet Needle, does the most unusual crochet work with wire. Check out her blog and her Etsy shop to see that she's also having a giveaway of one of her online workshops.

Now to the TAST. The stitch this week is couching. I didn't do any stitching this week. Instead, I'm going to show you things that I've done in the past with couching. I love couching, but I only have machine couching to show you. I don't remember if I've ever done any by hand.

Here's one I made for one of the Journal Quilt projects several years ago. Those wavy things on the lower section are all couched yarns. 

I once made a bunch of these for a postcard swap.

And, a bunch of these for another postcard swap.

And, now for the big news! We've got snow! The last time there was any serious snow here was in 2008.

It's coming down even heavier now since these pictures were taken. That's one of my son's.

 Enjoy your weekend,