Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday giveaways

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First, I just want to prove to you that I am working on the second sock, so here’s a photo.
I also started yet another project, but put it away for the meantime, after making six test blocks. It’s from the Lion Brand blog’s hexagon crochet-a-long. I just couldn’t resist the hexagons!
My friend Marie is having a giveaway to celebrate her birthday on October 1. She is doing the drawing on October 4, so you still have several days to enter.
Marie mentions that she is honoring a late friend, Nora Creeach (the founding editor of CQMagOnline,) who used to do a giveaway on her mailing lists every year on her birthday. I actually won something from Nora once! But, I don’t remember what it was. :) I also was privileged to be Nora’s swap partner on one of the mailing lists and received a fantastic tassel from her. It is nine years since the swap and the tassel is still hanging from the lamp on the worktable in my sewing room.
And now to MY giveaway!
 It’s been a long time since I had a giveaway and I’ve been itching to do another one. I’m lucky to have two birthdays. The one according to the Gregorian calendar was last week and the one according to the Jewish calendar falls out, this year, on next Wednesday, October 7.  

The gift package will include: One Carol Doak foundation paper piecing pattern, her Summer’s Welcome scenic pattern, plus a bunch of over thirty different fancy yarns, in two yard lengths, that are great for embellishments plus an assortment of 20 5” charms of batik fabrics from my stash.

image image

I will use to do the drawing after 6:00 am, my time zone, on October 7. That means you have until midnight, U.S. Eastern Daylight Savings Time, Tuesday, the 6th of October, to enter. 
To give a chance to the bloggers visiting from the Blogger's Quilt Festival (see button in my sidebar), I am extending the giveaway until midnight, Tuesday, October 13.

There are three  different ways to enter, with separate comments for each entry, on this post only.

For your first entry, just leave any comment or choose one of the items that you will be receiving if you win and tell me how you think you may like use it.

For your second entry, scroll down my sidebar until you reach my followers and add yourself as a follower.
For you third entry, mention, and link to, my giveaway on your blog.

Please make sure that your profile, with your email address and link to your blog, is linked to the header of your comments. If your email address is not in your profile, or you post anonymous comments, you MUST leave your email address in your comment. That's the only way I can contact you.

Good luck!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

One of my quilts from the past

Be sure to read about Mary Anne’s giveaway below.

I haven’t had much current work to share lately, so I’ll show you a quilt from a couple of years ago. It’s using my favorite shape and I made it for the Grab Bag Quilt Challenge run by Tomme of the Quiltart list. Each participant mailed a baggie full of fabric and supplies to Tomme and she mixed them up and sent them out again. No one knew who they were making the quilt for until after they were all finished and mailed back to Tomme. Here is the quilt that I made for Elizabeth in Ohio. Click on the images to see details of the embellishments.

Yet another giveaway from my friend and fellow hexagon junkie, Mary Anne! I won the last one! This time she’s giving away a copy of her turkey quilt pattern. You can read about her process of designing the pattern on her blog. There are several different chances to enter.


Have a great weekend,


Friday, September 11, 2009

I’ve officially knitted my first sock

I really finished this last week but just got around to photographing it. I’m hoping to start the next one sometime this week, just to prove that I don’t have second sock syndrome. I really plan to wear these in the winter. (Just around the house.)

I spent some time this week doing paperwork, so I don’t have anything creative to share. On Sunday, we’re going to the Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention. I hope to learn more about how to be a good blogger and get to meet a bunch of people whose blogs I read.

Lastly, in July I wrote about meeting Annie Smith of podcast fame (and she’s a popular California quilting teacher.) In her recent podcast she talks a little about our meeting, towards the end of the podcast. There are a few minor inaccuracies (we really didn’t have much time to talk leisurely, so some things may have been misunderstood) but I must correct one thing! So far, I have two grandchildren and not five. Hopefully, I will have many, many more. Just nothing on the horizon yet, that I know of.

Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A little doodling

Be sure to read about the giveaways I’ve entered, at the end of this post.

First about the sock. I finished it and am now in the process of undoing the binding because it is too tight! I tried to do it loosely, but I guess it wasn’t loose enough. I’m going to use larger needles when I do it again. Only problem is, I suspect it won’t be tight enough this time and the socks will fall down my leg!

Several years ago I took a course at Quilt University by Raymond Houston on his Symmetry design techniques. Recently he started a new blog for his work and a new mailing list, called NGQ Tile Addicts, for people who like to play with his symmetry design tiles. He gives you a set of his tiles to print out in regular and mirror image. Join the group to see what it’s all about. It’s really fun.

Here is something I came up with using the tiles.


* * * * * * *

My fellow hexagon junkie, Mary Ann, is having a giveaway on her blog. She’s giving away a set of her Bean Bag Critter kits. You have until this Friday to enter. Here is one of the critters in the set.


* * * * * * *

Kellie in Australia is having a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her 100th post You should see that gorgeous quilt she’s giving away! She’s also giving away some of her patterns. I love her style. You have until September 2, Australian time, to enter.


Have fun!