Thursday, September 17, 2009

One of my quilts from the past

Be sure to read about Mary Anne’s giveaway below.

I haven’t had much current work to share lately, so I’ll show you a quilt from a couple of years ago. It’s using my favorite shape and I made it for the Grab Bag Quilt Challenge run by Tomme of the Quiltart list. Each participant mailed a baggie full of fabric and supplies to Tomme and she mixed them up and sent them out again. No one knew who they were making the quilt for until after they were all finished and mailed back to Tomme. Here is the quilt that I made for Elizabeth in Ohio. Click on the images to see details of the embellishments.

Yet another giveaway from my friend and fellow hexagon junkie, Mary Anne! I won the last one! This time she’s giving away a copy of her turkey quilt pattern. You can read about her process of designing the pattern on her blog. There are several different chances to enter.


Have a great weekend,



  1. thanks for the link. I do like those hexagons.

  2. Julie Linnstaedter01 October, 2009 19:52

    Debbie, you are one busy, crafty lady. I don't have a blog. Used to crochet, but I've always wanted to be a piecer and quilter and now I are one! Should I win the drawing, I suspect those lovely batiks will help in doing Carol's crazy patch challenge. The paper piecing pattern will go on my long list of Carol related projects I want to get to - I've only been at this for a little over 2 years, since I retired.

    Congrats on knitting a sock - I hear that's not a simple thing to accomplish. Oops, is this a comment or a book?

    Julie Linnstaedter


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