Friday, June 20, 2014

On the needles and in the mail

Here's my progress on the second Hitofude cardigan I'm making. I first wrote about it last month in this post. I'm linking today's post to Judy L.'s On the Needles. (Maybe someone has some advice on how to photograph really, really dark knitting?)

In that same post, I wrote about the Block Lotto. Well, I won again! Envelopes with blue bar blocks keep coming in the mail. When they're all here, I'm going to lay them out and take a picture to post.

Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quilt Meeting

Last week, I went to the monthly meeting of the Hebrew speaking Jerusalem quilt group I belong to. I tend to go about once every few months.

I didn't bring anything to show. I could've brought my finished cardigan, but was too lazy to take anything with me. I spent the meeting taking pictures of the projects of others.

First, I snapped a bunch of photos of some of the lovely work on our hostess Elana's walls.

Here is a quilt that Chassida made in memory of her mother. That's a picture of her and her two sisters. The white strips in the crazy style blocks on the side are text that Chasida enlarged and printed on fabric from letters that her mother wrote. Chassida said that it was very comforting for her when she finished this wall hanging.

This is one of Elana's works in progress. She drafts her own blocks for foundation paper piecing.

Here is another WIP of Elana's. It's a background for another wall hanging with poppies as in the one above with the blue background.

This is another one of Chasida's wall hangings. I guess I'd better start writing things down, because I don't remember the story behind this one.

Ora worked on this quilt for about 10 years. She was hand quilting the white spaces and ran out of steam, so Elana finished it for her by machine.

From a class that Yehudit took on embroidery, she is continuing with this applique/embroidery project. It includes beads, sequins and shisha mirrors!