Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hooray! A *PAIR* of socks!

You can still visit all the blogs and see all the wonderful quilts and stories in the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Link also on my sidebar.

I have finally finished the pair of socks that I started ten months ago! You can see the progress in some of these knitting posts. I don't really see the knitting of another pair of socks in my future, but, you never know.
My next knitting project is going to be a scarf or shawl. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Gourmet Yarn Shop in Ra'anana and, since I'm a sucker for anything in rainbow colors, I couldn't leave without the yarn you see here. (I've never bought from this online shop, just found it through a random search.)

Anyone who buys a skein of Schaefer yarn is entitled to one free pattern and Orly of the Gourmet Yarn Shop suggested that I make the Anne Shoulder Scarf. I am thinking of making it, but I read someplace (that I can't find now) that it doesn't use the whole skein of yarn. I would like to find a free pattern online of a triangular shawl that would use up to the 560 yards of the skein. Any knitters out there have a suggestion? If you are a member of Ravelry, you can see more about the Anne Shoulder Scarf on Ravelry. If anyone has anything else to suggest making from that rainbow fingering yarn, I'm willing to listen.

You must go check out Sew Cal Gal's Hawaiian Giveaway. I've never made a Hawaiian quilt, but this might give me inspiration to do it one day. She's offering three prize packages! There are so many different ways to get an entry into the drawing and you have until May 31st to enter.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival #3

Welcome to the 3rd Bi-annual Blogger's Quilt Festival, where you can visit the blogs of hundreds of quilters showing off some of their favorite quilts. Thanks to Amy of Amy's Creative Side for providing us with the fun. 

This time I would like to share with you a quilt that I made for a special exhibit of my local quilting group. The exhibit took place in December, 2006, at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. We had a floral theme and my quilt is named "Spring - Aviv." Aviv is the Hebrew word for Spring.

I wanted to design a quilt to brighten up a certain wall space in my home. Before making the quilt, I made a little test piece, in Journal Quilt size. The full size quilt is 41" x 40" and all the applique is three dimensional, Timtex filled.

Here's the Journal Quilt-

Here's "Spring - Aviv"-

and here's a detail-

Here are links to the quilts I showed in the 1st Blogger's Quilt Festival and the 2nd Blogger's Quilt Festival.

Important Note: I like to reply to everyone's nice comments, but some of you are no-reply bloggers. This means that your email address is not entered in your profile, so it does not show up in the header of your comment. If you wish to correct that, Amy gives some instructions here.

That said, I plan to reply to the comments *after* the festival is over so that I will be able to spend as much time as I can visiting and commenting on everyone else's blogs in the festival!



Monday, May 17, 2010

Block Lotto

Over a year ago I started participating in the Block Lotto blog. I took a few months off recently. The themes of this year's blocks are a number of very non-traditional, unusual designs. The focus color of this month's blocks is the color lime green and, while you haven't seen much of it in my work, I love anything in lime green. Here are the four blocks I made for chances in the May Block Lotto. Wish me luck!



Thursday, May 6, 2010

YTRR, the next round

No, I didn't win the EQ7 giveaway for bloggers, but I have ten chances to enter the giveaways of those who did! And, so do you! You can find the list of blogs giving away EQ7 in this EQ post.

I did do something productive in the last few weeks. I've added Round 5 to my miniature YTRR in the Carol Doak Quilting Group. Here you can read the my other posts about the YTRR.

I continued the Unit #33 from the SS9P book from round four into round five. I used Block #229 from the 300 blocks book for the blue and green points. Then I chopped off the yellow corner from round four and added a white corner to cover both rounds.
The piece now measures 12 inches.

To see more details about the challenge, learn more about foundation paper piecing and get loads of free FPP patterns, you should consider joining Carol's yahoogroup. It's really fun.

I'll leave you with details about Sue's May giveaway, from Alderwood Quilts. It's the cutest little pincushion by Mary Englebreit! You have until the end of May to enter.

Have fun!