Thursday, May 6, 2010

YTRR, the next round

No, I didn't win the EQ7 giveaway for bloggers, but I have ten chances to enter the giveaways of those who did! And, so do you! You can find the list of blogs giving away EQ7 in this EQ post.

I did do something productive in the last few weeks. I've added Round 5 to my miniature YTRR in the Carol Doak Quilting Group. Here you can read the my other posts about the YTRR.

I continued the Unit #33 from the SS9P book from round four into round five. I used Block #229 from the 300 blocks book for the blue and green points. Then I chopped off the yellow corner from round four and added a white corner to cover both rounds.
The piece now measures 12 inches.

To see more details about the challenge, learn more about foundation paper piecing and get loads of free FPP patterns, you should consider joining Carol's yahoogroup. It's really fun.

I'll leave you with details about Sue's May giveaway, from Alderwood Quilts. It's the cutest little pincushion by Mary Englebreit! You have until the end of May to enter.

Have fun!



  1. Debbie that is so amazing - you do such beautiful work!

  2. This is just beautiful! I can't believe its only 12"! Fabulous!

  3. Beautiful! Amazing details for such a small piece!

  4. Wow what a block! It look amazing

  5. Oh Debbie - Your YTRR has always been one of my favorites as I have watched all the different quilts coming together in Carol's group!!! I LOVE it!!! Kris


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