Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hooray! A *PAIR* of socks!

You can still visit all the blogs and see all the wonderful quilts and stories in the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Link also on my sidebar.

I have finally finished the pair of socks that I started ten months ago! You can see the progress in some of these knitting posts. I don't really see the knitting of another pair of socks in my future, but, you never know.
My next knitting project is going to be a scarf or shawl. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Gourmet Yarn Shop in Ra'anana and, since I'm a sucker for anything in rainbow colors, I couldn't leave without the yarn you see here. (I've never bought from this online shop, just found it through a random search.)

Anyone who buys a skein of Schaefer yarn is entitled to one free pattern and Orly of the Gourmet Yarn Shop suggested that I make the Anne Shoulder Scarf. I am thinking of making it, but I read someplace (that I can't find now) that it doesn't use the whole skein of yarn. I would like to find a free pattern online of a triangular shawl that would use up to the 560 yards of the skein. Any knitters out there have a suggestion? If you are a member of Ravelry, you can see more about the Anne Shoulder Scarf on Ravelry. If anyone has anything else to suggest making from that rainbow fingering yarn, I'm willing to listen.

You must go check out Sew Cal Gal's Hawaiian Giveaway. I've never made a Hawaiian quilt, but this might give me inspiration to do it one day. She's offering three prize packages! There are so many different ways to get an entry into the drawing and you have until May 31st to enter.


  1. Take a look at Galia's Baana on Ravelry. She is now selling the pattern through knitpicks. Here is the link:

    I've started it and it is a fun project once you get the hang of it.

  2. Your socks came out so nice! I like the pattern for the shoulder shawl, and can't wait to see it too.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Robin. It looks nice and maybe easy, and I know it's only $1.99, but I really don't want to spend money on the pattern. The yarn already cost me a fortune in shekels. I've never spent anywhere near that much on yarn before. I'm going to examine the Anne pattern again and see how I would be able to make it bigger.

  4. LOVE the socks!!! Someday I may have to learn to knit, I love sock yarn, lol. Sorry I can't be of help with a pattern, I hope you find one!

  5. They are done! And they are beautiful! I was so happy to see a picture of them. For just a few moments it took me 10 months back to the day when you got the yarn. Coincidentally I have started a swatch in the pink sock yarn I got. I will not be making socks. Probably another baby outfit.
    I love the yarn you got. Nice, bold colors. Have you thought about making "Pi are square", by EZ? You can keep on going until the yarn runs out.
    Good luck.


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