Thursday, April 29, 2010

EQ7 is coming!

That's Electric Quilt 7, the quilt program. For years I kept saying that I don't need a quilt design program. That I can keep doing it on paper. A few months ago I was considering buying a program. It would be either EQ6 or buying an upgrade for a different program that I received an earlier version of from someone. I procrastinated and just let it slide.

Now EQ7 is coming out and it looks better than ever. So many new features that I can't resist. If I will be one of ten bloggers chosen to win a copy of the new EQ7, I will also be given another copy to giveaway, right here, on my blog. So, check back next week to see if I won.

Here is a partial list of all the new features that went into EQ7. See all the rest of them and all about EQ7 by clicking on the link for the new EQ7 on the Electric Quilt site.

  • Help buttons
  • Netbook compatible/friendly
  • New videos for beginners
  • 22 PDF lessons in color
  • New look to buttons & dialogs
  • New Activation/Deativation capabilities
  • Install to All Users for classrooms/labs
  • 67 “How Do I?” topics in the HELP menu
  • Over 480 new blocks in the Block Library
  • Copyright-free blocks only in the Block Library
  • Over 5000 scanned new fabrics in the Fabric Library
  • Over 120 new layouts in the Layout Library
  • 52 new photos in the Photo Library, great for Apply Symmetries and Apply Effects
And much, much more.

Don't forget to come back next week to see if I won. If you're a blogger and you want to enter the special blogger giveaway, check out the EQ blog for details.



  1. EQ has a BLOG??? I'm there! I've been thinking about EQ6, and just heard about 7 - amazing!

  2. This program sounds wonderful, and I do not even quilt! So did you win? I hope you did.


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