Thursday, January 22, 2009

Using Ribbon Floss

Sharon Boggon's Pin Tangle is one of my favorite stitchery blogs. She recently wrote a post about ribbon floss. I love ribbon floss. Some years ago a local closeout fabric shop got in a supply of a German ribbon floss and I bought a whole bunch of spools. I was sorry I didn't buy more and when I went back they were gone! Here's a scan (pre-decent digital camera days) of some stitching I did with the ribbon floss on a crazy quilt round robin I participated in during 2002. I lifted the idea of those little trees from a block that Sharon made! Debbie

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  1. Hi Debbie ... That's so pretty! Makes a lovely border. I'm a big Ribbon Floss fan using lots of it on my Drag Bag project. Was very impressed with how it makes amazing Bullion Roses. I had never tried that prior to this project...but am sure gonna make more in future!


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