Monday, May 11, 2009

What I’ve made in the past week

I made another reverse redwork block for the baby quilt. A cute little elephant! This makes four done. Haven’t decided yet how many I’ll be making. I started working on the next block.

Block #4

I recently decided that I wanted to make bright colored luggage tags that stand out when you’re looking for your luggage on the carousel. I’m making lots of them for various family members.

I googled '”luggage tag tutorial” and found quite a few, but this is the one that looked like it would work for me. I prefer tags that are covered (private), so after making them according to the tutorial, with a few minor adjustments, I spent some time trying to solve the puzzle of how to alter it to be covered. Here you see what I came up with. I plan to make some smaller ones, too, for the hand luggage.

It’s a fun thing to use up some fabric stash with.

A few weeks ago, after spending months entering various giveaways, I finally won! I won a cute little handy scissor sharpener from Angela on her blog. Angela is offering several quilty giveaways again this month. Check it out.

Have a good week,



  1. The elephant block is adorable...looks like he has dancing toes!

    Congradulations on winning the give-away.

  2. I really like your red work and that type of project has made it to my "To Do list" (someday).

  3. Reverse redwork! great idea, and a much more colorful quilt is achieved. How do you transfer the patterns to the red fabric?

  4. Thanks, Roz. I'm using a yellow transfer paper that I have leftover from years ago, from the sewing days. Sort of like carbon paper. I place it yellow side down on the right side of the fabric. Place my printed out copy of the pattern on top and then trace the pattern with a red pen, so that I can tell easily which lines I already traced over.


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