Friday, December 10, 2010

Trip - Part 1

I just went to look at my photos of the trip I took to the U.S. last month and, would you believe, I have no photos of anything where I went the first few days! I do have a photo of something I took in my parents house, but that's for later.

For those who don't know, my parents live in New Jersey close to NYC. The first day I was there I took a ride into Brooklyn to do some shopping. It was raining, which is something we're, unfortunately, not used to here in Israel these days. Although it is supposed to be stormy this weekend here. Anyway, on my way into Brooklyn, there was sleet! Hadn't seen that in a while.

Of course, one of my stops was to a quilt shop. I think I may have been to this shop several years ago when it was in a different location. Sew Materialistic is a nice little shop with a nice selection. It's a very busy place! There were a lot of women at a big table in the back and walking around there. It looked like they were there for some one on one instruction and help with works in progress. I had met the owner, Malke, online a few months ago and it was fun to meet her in person. But, I forgot to get a photo! :(  The shop also has a blog, and Malke has a blog, Quilting with Malke.

Early last month Thearica of Pigtails and Quilts wrote a post about an item she found at a yard sale. When I saw it, I was excited because a similar item was on a little shelf in my mother's kitchen right near me! I know it as a holder for thread for tatting or crochet lace. It's also called a string holder. My mother's has a hole in the base. In the old days they used to secure it with a screw to the counter in a store and use the string for wrapping up people's purchases. I asked my mother if I could have it, but she said she's not ready just yet to give it up! Thearica asked to see photos of the one my mother has, so here they are.

Have a good weekend,



  1. Too bad about the photos. I like Malke's style, it's so fresh. That is an interesting string holder and I can see why your mom would not want to give it up - just yet.

  2. I can see you were not used to that weather there. I love Brookln, but haven't been there in years and years. That string holder is wonderful!

  3. NYC is my dream trip - if I ever get there, I'm going to check out that shop. I hope you do get some rain, Debbie, I know it's needed.

    My grandfather had a string holder like that, I wonder what happened to it? I haven't seen it since I was a child!

  4. Thanks for the info on the quilt shop in Brooklyn. One of the ladies in our group will be there soon and it's just what she needed to know.

  5. Oh wow! They are almost identical!!! I did find a treasure didn't I!! and all for a dollar! I think the man did not know what he had. :)


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