Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whew! Catching up

Very busy month, April was. We survived the week long holiday of Pesach (Passover)! Both daughters and their families were here the whole time. That's 12 of us hanging out together for eight days in the same apartment. The three grandchildren and the rest of us had a great time together. 


little brother

The family who lives in Northern Israel left the day after the holiday and the one who lives in Miami Beach is leaving this coming Sunday. Gradually, the others have returned to school and I'm slowly trying to catch up with things. 
When I'm all alone, next week, the first thing I plan to do is block the Shetland Pi shawl! Can't wait to see how it comes out. 

I also managed to sew up some batik nine patch blocks for a swap and mail them out. I love batiks and look forward to seeing the variety that I get back. They're nine inch finished size.

I also received my winnings in a giveaway of some batik fabric charms from Marjorie of the Applique Addict blog.

I'm thinking of making some smaller nine patch blocks using some of those and some from my stash and then setting them together sort of like Wanda is doing here on her Exuberant Color blog. But, maybe with a less busy background.

Right now, I've got to get back to some paperwork that I'm behind with.

Happy Tuesday,



  1. I'm amazed that you had everyone there for the week and have the strength to talk about it!
    My daughter, with her husband and five kids, just went back to Houston yesterday, after being here for a month. It was a good thing I rented an apt for her on the next block over (2 minutes away) or we would have all been MESHUGA after a month of togetherness! I am pretty tired after working really hard for weeks on end, but it was worth it when my daughter expressed the ultimate in gratitude, "Mom, I'm afraid I won't remember how to cook when I get home!" We all really enjoyed.
    I hear you're teaching a paper-piecing class at the meeting this summer. Pretty exciting!

  2. That sounds awfully crowded but so fun, Debbie! So glad you had a great time. The kids are adorable! Love your batik squares, and congrats on your great win!

  3. I was just thinking about you yesterday - and here you are! Your kids are so lucky to have the Mom to whom they can go to for Pesach.
    I am hoping to come up to Yerushalayim (finally!) next week. Would you have time to meat up?

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely visit! I always loved family celebrations especially during Pesach.


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