Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TAST Week 3

I'm ahead of the game, finishing my TAST piece for Week 3 on Wednesday! Yay! I started with a piece of batik that was sitting on my sewing table for a while. I marked dots on the fabric before doing the feather stitch. On the purple I made gold French knots on the tips. My instinct is to use beads for that, but since I'll be putting it in the little book for the Sketchbook project, it's better not to use beads.

Here are two of the twenty fans that are on the family chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) I made, finished about six years ago. Each fan is different, with each section of the fan using the feather stitch as the basis of the embroidery and beading.   




  1. The chuppah is beautiful...

  2. Beautiful feather stitches. I like your fans. Very elegant.

  3. The chuppah looks so rich and sumptuous. I can only marvel at how lovely it looks with the bride and groom (& rabbi) underneath and wonder how many couples began their life together under your gorgeous artwork!

  4. It is absolutely beautiful.

  5. It looks wonderful! And that chupa is amazing!

  6. I'm sure your family cherishes that chuppah because it's really wonderful. Will you be sharing more photos of it?


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