Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meeting Cheryl

One day last week, early in the morning, I went to a hotel in town to meet Cheryl Lynch. She was visiting from Pennsylvania, on a tour of Israel with a group from her synagogue. We had a wonderful time showing each other our work and getting to know each other. 

You must check out Cheryl's blog, Cheryl Lynch Quilts, and her website. Cheryl was once on The Quilt Show (episode #811) to teach about the Mexican tiles piecing technique that she wrote about in her book "Quilt Fiesta!".  

And, now, Cheryl has another book coming out in April called "Sew Embellished". The link will take you to Amazon where you can see examples of some of her pieces that she shows in the book. I was lucky to actually hold those very creative and adorable pieces of work in my hands last week. Everything Cheryl makes is so much fun!

Stay tuned, because the publisher and Cheryl are planning a blog tour for around the time that the book is being released.




  1. isn't it wonderful to meet someone who is as good at your craft as you are!

  2. Another quilter...wonderful! I've signed on to follow Cheryl's blog.

  3. What fun! I remember seeing one of Cheryl's patterns in a quilt magazine years and years ago. Sounds like a fun extra for her tour and what a good representative of Israeli quilters for her to meet!

  4. Oh how fun is that - I love Cheryl's blog and work!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I looked into her blog and enjoyed it.

  6. It was so wonderful to meet you Debbie. Your quilts were beautiful and it was a pleasure chatting with you.


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