Thursday, April 5, 2012

TAST Week 14

What happened to week 13? Week 13 was designated as a catch up or time off week. We've been so busy with Passover preparations the past few weeks, so that time off for me was good! 

So, this week, Week 14, is the Satin stitch. 

Well, this fabric (Osnaburg) is certainly not an appropriate fabric for Satin stitch.. I did the grass with a thick, cheap, cotton yarn I had laying around, the leaves, stems, and highlights in the grass with crewel yarn and the flowers with perle cotton and a flower thread.

Happy holidays to those who celebrate in this season,



  1. this is so so lovely, whimsical and wonderful! love it. chag sameach...

  2. So cute! A nice way to use satin stitch.

  3. Very Interesting work. Simple yet beautiful and creative

    Ms Sharma


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