Thursday, July 5, 2012

No TAST, yes quilting workshop!

I'm not crazy about this week's TAST, so I'm going to wait for next week's and try to work them out together. 

But, I did go to a quilting workshop! OK, so I didn't do any actual sewing. I was very behind in the project because I made a mistake and had to go back and repeat several steps.

This week was the annual quilting retreat for the Israel Quilter's Association celebrating it's 20th anniversary. There were numerous attendees and some teachers who came from out of the country. I met several people who I met from email over the years.

There were many workshops and side activities from Sunday through Wednesday, but I only took a workshop on Wednesday. I took Phyllis Cullen's fabric portraits workshop. Here are two of her own pieces that Phyllis brought to show us. You can see a lot more of her work on her blog, Phyllis Cullen Art Studio.

Some fellow students listening attentively to Phyllis explaining one of the steps.

Cindy cutting out her ambitious project, larger than anyone else was brave enough to try.

Danielle doing an impressive job on the thread painting and quilting of her piece.

A work in progress of another member of the class. 

Maybe one day you'll get to see my project...



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