Friday, August 31, 2012

Vote for me!

I've got a quilt entered in this week's Quilting Gallery contest. The theme is Leaves, Trees, and Flowers. You can vote for four quilts! I hope you make mine one of them! The voting ends Monday morning, 8 am, US EDT.

This is the quilt that hangs on the wall opposite where I sit at the computer. So, I'm looking at it all the time!

Thanks and have a good weekend.



  1. Love it and voted, Debbie! I entered one too, lol - hadn't planned on it, but oh well! I hope you win!

  2. i voted and anyway even if i didn't 'know' you i would have chosen yours!

  3. A charming quilt Debbie, and you sure got my vote! Who wouldn't want to have something like this to look at near the computer?!

  4. A beautiful quilt Debbie and you have my vote!!

  5. I voted for your quilt Debbie. My other 3 votes were difficult to decide...they are all so very nice!

  6. How perky and pretty. Good luck. I voted.

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