Friday, June 28, 2013

Just for fun and some stuff about blog readers

Just for fun, I entered the Quilt Gallery Show and Tell again this week. The theme is Paper Piecing. I'm showing a mini that I made several years ago using a Carol Doak block. I wrote about it on the blog in 2009. It's called Compass Celebration and it's 12 inches square. Go look at all the quilts and vote!

So, that's it - Google Reader is supposed to be going poof within three days. I'm still trying out several readers at the same time, trying to get them to work perfectly for me. Each one is missing something that I will miss from Google Reader. I'm certainly not a happy camper!

In the meantime, for those that use Bloglovin' and did not switch over all the blogs that they read, you can continue to follow me by clicking on the Bloglovin' button in the sidebar, right below the clock.



  1. Have always liked this little quilt of yours. Will go over to Quiltgallery to vote.
    It was great talking to you the other day and touching base. Glad you called. Have a good, safe summer!

  2. Long time no blogging! It's nice to see another of your colourful creations.
    How are you getting on with that stash organising?!
    Have a lovely summer.


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