Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quinglish 2014

This past Sunday we had a different kind of Quinglish. The following is from the announcement email:


When: Sunday 12th October Hol ha’Moed Succoth from 10am - 3pm or there about. (It is wheelchair accessible).
Where:  Shivtei Israel Synagogue Social Hall, Har Sinai Street, Ra’anana
What: We will be assisting eight  “at-risk” teen girls from the Neot Aviv Hostel in Herzliya Petuach, in making their very first quilt.,
We intend using all the “orphan” blocks we have been collecting for the past few years.

Bring Along: Any other “UFO’s” and “orphan blocks” you may have and appropriate fabrics to help combine these quilts.
We will be having work stations for each girl; we will need machines, cutting supplies, ironing supplies, full sewing kits, design wall flannels.

I have lots of orphan blocks but don't have easy access to them. I did manage to find a few pieces of yardage in my sewing room to add into the mix.

All the girls were very enthusiastically participating in the making of their own quilts. Some of them even did some sewing. 

I was helping Terry and a new quilter I just met, Michele, and a cute teen whose name starts with M (forgot her name!), to design M's quilt. M chose orphan blocks and patches and such in a theme of pinks and greens and other mostly low volume fabrics. Terry did the sewing and "new quilter" and I did some of the pressing and trimming.

Here you can see the WIP, what we were up to when it was time for everyone to go home. Terry and her team of longarm quilters will be finishing them up for the girls.

Sorry I didn't get any photos of the other WIPs. If any readers who were there have a photo, please send it to me and I will add it here.

Here are a few views of the room while working during the day.

When the holiday of Succot ends in a few days, it's full steam ahead on activities preparing for my son's wedding in two weeks!




  1. Debbie, It looks like you and everyone had lots of fun. It is great teaching a new generation about quilts, especially girls who need good role models. What a mitzvah! Mazal Tov on your son's upcoming wedding! Diane Drexler-Little

  2. Teaching is such a great thing. These quilts will all become very unique ones, and beautiful to boot.

  3. Debbie, yasher koach to all you ladies who participated in such a lovely and hopefully, meaningful day. Also, mazel tov on your sons chassinah. Much nachas.

  4. In my job I administer funding to help groups help at risk youth. It is great to see you all doing it with your own resources! I love quilts made like that - just scrap pieces put together in a way that someone finds gorgeous.


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