Thursday, January 7, 2010

Recent giveaway winnings, new giveaway

Reminder, don't forget to enter my blogiversary giveaway. Only comments made on the giveaway post will be counted towards the drawing, which will take place at the end of January 10.

I also won two Catnip Toys.  Who knew what a catnip toy was?!? Everyday GiveAwayToday sponsors one or more giveaways for other companies. One day last month they had a bunch of pot luck giveaways. You didn't know which one you would win. I don't have cats, so I thought I'd give it to someone who does. But, these things make cute ornaments to hang in my sewing room and they smell good. So, I'm keeping them.

Here's a giveaway I entered this week with beautiful batiks that I love to collect. Sue of Alderwood Quilts is also giving away a Ricky Tims pattern along with the batiks. You have until February 1 to enter.




  1. Enjoy your winnings and... now that you have the catnip you may be tempted in adopting a kitty... meow, meow!!! :) lol

  2. Great winnings, congratulations!!!

  3. Congrats :) I'm happy to hear that you are winning prizes. Isn't it fun??


  4. Debbie, thanks for all the great info. I am so bored this week I have been reading everyone's blog. Take care and thanks for visiting me. Steph


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