Thursday, January 21, 2010

Red and white baby quilt back again

I recently finished embroidering the rest of the reverse redwork blocks for the red and white baby quilt that I started last year. Here are three of them. There are three more, but they will be a surprise when the quilt is finished. 

 I have thought about a setting, but am waiting for a book I ordered where the author used a similar setting for a quilt. Instead of figuring out how to do it myself, I may as well follow the instructions in the book. I'll tell you about that another time.

Check out Rhonda's giveaway at Patches and Peaches. She's giving away a Moda Soiree Honey Bun in honor of her sister's birthday! You have until January 29th to enter in three different ways.



  1. Your hand embroidery is sooo pretty!
    Wonderful idea! Can't wait to see the other blocks and the final quilt!

  2. I LOVE this - I never would've thought that the white would show up like that on red, it's stunning!


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