Monday, August 30, 2010

Quilting Corner came to visit

A bunch of the ladies from Quilting Corner came this morning to my home, moving their weekly gathering at my invitation. While I am considered a member of the group, I have not had a chance to attend but a few of the gatherings. I was thrilled when they all agreed to travel here. We had a lovely morning of show and tell (all mine!) and it was a pleasure to explain the stories behind many of the pieces that I've made since I started quilting. We also had a very nice time at the bagel shop down the block for lunch.

The gatherings are almost always hosted by Etty in her home in Beitar. The highlight of today's gathering was the presentation to Etty of a quilt initiated by Susan of Scrap Happy. We all made signed blocks, but the quilt was organized, put together, and tied by Susan! Thank you, Susan! It's also Etty's birthday in about a week, so it was perfect timing.

Check the Quilting Corner blog for more photos, probably later today.




  1. Hi Debbie, thank YOU so much for such a lovely morning. I really loved seeing so many of your "works of art". One was more beautiful than the next. Hashem has blessed you with much creativity and you are using it to make the world a lovlier place. May He continue to bless you with good health to continue.

  2. How lovely to host your friends in your home, and what a gorgeous quilt - a beautiful gift!!!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting us today in your beautiful home. What a joy to see all your creations and to be the receiver of such a beautiful quilt made by my dear friends. I was certainly surprised and delighted to receive such a special gift. May you continue to make beautiful works of art and bring joy into the lives of your family and friends.
    Love, Etty

  4. What a beutiful quilt. I can see you had a very nice day!

  5. What a beautiful cheerful quilt! I am not surprised that she was very happy to receive such a lovely present!

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  7. lovely nice to be with friends and enjoy quilts


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