Monday, August 9, 2010

Shawl progress

Yes, I have been lazy about writing on the blog. Be sure you read to the end to find out about Sue's cute giveaway.

I have made some progress on the shawl I mentioned that I bought yarn for a few months ago. It is a bit further along than in the photo below I took a few weeks ago. The pattern doesn't show up as much in the variegated yarn, but I'm still OK with the way it's coming out.

I searched and searched the web for free shawl patterns. I've been collecting back issues of Piecework Magazine and found a PDF of the index of the magazine. I found quite a few shawls there and looked them up, but most of them were using charts. I don't like to knit or crochet with charts. I like the k1 p2 type of instructions.

Another link I found was a directory of tons of knitted shawl patterns. I only managed to get through the first column. Somewhere in the middle I found the one that I decided to make. It's this version of the Candle Flame pattern. In a google search, I also found a small correction to the pattern. It may have been on Ravelry.

I also liked this shawl pattern site. The patterns are sorted according to how much yarn you need for the shawl.

Henya had suggested: "Have you thought about making "Pi are square", by EZ? You can keep on going until the yarn runs out." That was very interesting to me, but, I couldn't find a free version of the pattern that I liked. Now, Wendy of Wendy Knits is showing her progress on a pi shawl she is making. This week she announced that next week she will be starting a knit along of another pi shawl! Wendy Johnson is also the author of Socks From the Toe Up, the book that I got the pattern for the first (and only) pair of socks I made!

BTW, I finally decided to subscribe to Piecework Magazine, but there are still some back issues that I am missing. If any of you have any that you would be willing to sell to me, I would appreciate it. Here are the ones that I need: July/August 2006, July/August 2007, September/October 2007, November/December 2007, September/October 2008 and January/February 2009.

Sue of Alderwood Quilts has announced her August giveaway. It's a really cute set of Quilter's Magnets by That Patchwork Place. You have until the end of August to enter.




  1. It is looking stunning. Beautiful colours.
    Good luck getting the back issues of Piecework Magazines.

  2. Nice shawls... and thanks for mentioning my giveaway. I do one every month and I have a really awesome giveaway planned for October, by the way.

    Love the shawl pattern. Are you familiar with It's a knitting community where you can post your projects, email other knitters, find TONS of free and for-purchase patterns, sources for yarns, and lots of great message boards. Every knitter should be on Ravelry!!! My ravelry user name is suehauser. If you go on there, be sure to add me as a "friend".

  3. Now I know what knitting book to give you as a present ;-)This shawl is wonderful, I have been planing to knit it for the past few years. I have to think, maybe this is just the project to cure my knitting blues. I know I have a perfect yarn for it. truthfully, I probably have a dozen perfect yarns for it. Are you coming to the US this year?
    Thank you for the "Wendy" alert. I am going to go for it. I need some "brainy" knitting.
    I have to say it again - I love the colots of your shawl! they make me happy!

  4. Wow that is glorious - love the colors Debbie! I don't like charts either. I've never been able to master knitting, but I've crocheted since I was little.

  5. Debbie, your shawl is marvelous! What color and appeal!! I love it, and I love your blog. I will be back again and again. Your work is wonderful!

  6. Stunning colors,Debbie. Have you finished it yet? I would suggest you join Thousands of patterns of all kinds available there and lots of KAL and swaps too. :)

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  8. Wow!! I love those bright colors. I found your blog through the Fall into Fall site and am loving it. I have been having fun clicking on your sidebars and am going to begin following the blog. Hope you win something great in Fall into Fall.

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