Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Progress update

You may think that I'm only doing knitting right now, and you would be correct. But, right on my sewing table is the quilt project that I planned to/should be working on now. The knitting so relaxing that I can't seem to pull myself away from it, for the meantime.

I finished the Summer Mystery Shawlette that I talked about last time. It went pretty quickly. Then again, it is kind of small. I guess that's why it's called a shawlette. 

Last year I had started a different shawl from a rainbow variegated Schaefer Anne yarn that I wrote about buying here. Some time ago, I pretty much decided that I didn't like the way it was coming out. So, I undid the whole thing two days ago.



After - now I have 560 yards of fingering yarn in my favorite rainbow combo that I really want to make something with. While I did start on something, I am entertaining other ideas. I DO NOT want to make socks! The thing that I started, the beginning is very complicated. So far, I thought I was doing OK, but now I'm in the process of undoing part of it. The pattern writer admits that the beginning is tricky. If I get it to work out, I'll continue and take a picture.

Happy Wednesday,



  1. The finished shawl is amazing! No wonder you are knitting so much.
    Can not weight what you will make with your "new" yarn.

  2. That shawlette is so pretty! Love the yarn you're working with, I hope you get the tricky pattern figured out - I can't wait to see what you're making!

  3. So good to see your latest post. Yarn is as much fun to look at as fabric.

  4. I love the shawlette ... enough that I ended up surfing around Ravelry to see some others from the KAL. I love the color you used.

    I don't know how to wear those little shawls ... and usually end up using them as scarves, tucked into the neckline of my coat in winter. It works for me ;-)


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