Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TAST Week 26

This week's TAST is the Palestrina stitch. When I looked at Sharon's instructions for this stitch, the first thing I thought was, I can't do this, it's for lefties! Then I started clicking on her links for variations and found what she calls the Reversed Palestrina, which is the same but going from right to left. So that's what I used, sort of. While I made each individual stitch from the right, I did them left to right like in the fantastic video tutorial by Mary Corbet. 

The only one of my books that I found it in was Judith Baker Montano's Elegant Stitches. She has a very good diagram there.

I kept it simple this week, so I could finish quickly and get back to knitting Wendy Johnson's Knit-a-long Mystery Shawl.

I'll get back to quilting one of these days. I'm still surrounded by fabric all the time. It won't be going away.




  1. What a lovely sample, love the colours and beads! I couldn't find this stitch in one of my books neither.

  2. So pretty! Now can we see a photo of your shawl in progress?

  3. you stitch looks great. the variegated thread and beads -good combination

  4. Lovely with beads.


  5. This is a vey cool example you have here with the beads and varying stitch widths!! It has so many variations. I learned how to do this stitch last fall only they called it twilling, The teacher asked me to design some patterns and said I should include directions, so in writing directions on how to do the stitch, I also wrote the from the left handed perspective and they are included in my patterns. BUT I just realized I put the directions on my blog for righties, but I don't think I did for lefties. I will have to fix that as soon as I get home to get my flash drive with the original on it. Thanks for your TAST posts!

  6. This will be another new stitch for me too which I hope to tackle this evening. Looks like a very neat stitch to know how to do. Like your thread choice and beads :)

  7. I, too, had to try out the stitch from various books before I found which worked for me. A Japanese book shows how to sew towards you, from the top! Also Palestrina is not the only name; Double Knot stitch, Tied Coral stitch, Old English Knot stitch and Smyrna stitch are also used according to one source.
    Your line of stitches is very simple yet stunning. Love the thread.


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