Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's been four years!

And it's time for my usual yearly giveaway.

I wrote my first blog post on January 8, 2009. It's been a fun ride and isn't stopping. I may not post very often, less than 200 posts during the past four years, but I try to keep up.

I haven't done anything quilty in a while. That's because my sewing room (aka studio) is a royal mess. Piles and piles of stuff everywhere. It's almost impossible to find anything I need. I took a bunch of pictures to use in a "before" post, which will, hopefully, force me to start cleaning it up. I know it's going to be a very slow process. 

If anyone has some good advice on how to go about it, I'll listen. I was thinking of packing everything up in boxes and then cleaning and rearranging the room a bit, possibly adding some new organizational storage items. Then take one box at a time and sort it and put it away.

Anyway, now to the point of this blog post. I've been a member of The Quilt Show since the first day the site went live. In fact, several years ago I received an email from John saying that I was actually the very first member to sign up! 

Along with subscription renewals, they've been giving out six months membership gift certificates, worth $24.95, to give to a friend. So, for the fifth year in a row, I'm giving it away on my blog! The certificate is good for someone that is not a Star (paid) Member of The Quilt Show.

If you'd like to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment, on this post, letting me know if you have any advice for me on how to solve my messy sewing room dilemma. You have until January 14th at midnight U.S. EST, between Monday and Tuesday, to enter.

Now, this next thing is very important! To be eligible, there must also be a way for me to contact you. This means that if you are a no-reply blogger (no email address in your blogger profile, or you don't have a blogger account) you must leave your email address in the comment.

And, because photos are the main reason I read blogs, I'll leave you with one of the messy views of my sewing room.

Enjoy and good luck!



  1. I also had my blog started today 4 years ago by my daughter. I have a cleaning suggestion and that is get someone, in my case my daughter and granddaughter to help. She says do you need it or will you use it. If not either she or Emily will take it or it will be donated. It really helped in my basket room and this weekend they will help with my sewing room. It is way to much for me to do by myself. I am not interested in your giveaway but thank you for offering it. Have a good day.

  2. Hi Debbie, four years of blogging. Yasher koach. I enjoy when you write and share your photos. As for cleaning your room, I would empty one carton at a time and decide what do I want to keep and what to let go. I would have to let some things go :). After all the things that I want to keep have been put aside then it's time to separate into categories. It's a lot of work, will take some time but will be well worth it in the end.

  3. Hi Debbie ! four years of blogging is amazing ! Personally when I go about attempting large cleaning / reorganizing ( which I do alot lol ) Personally I like to break things down into smaller attempts to break up the thought of " OMG this room is huge, its going to take me a year ! " So instead of saying " I need to clean my ROOM, say.. I need to clean off ONE shelf, or ONE table. it helps to make things easier for me to accomplish small goals then to get discouraged by the ' bigger picture '

  4. Hi Debbie, that's a wonderful offer! I've gotten some good advice from "501 Sewing Hints", a book by Sewing with Nancy. There is a section for organization. I've started hanging pegboards in my sewing room to hang things for easy access. I plan to make covers out of vinyl to keep the excess dust off. When I make my first one, I'll post on http://jennyjossewingtips.blogspot.com/

    Cheers ~ Jenny Jo

  5. I love order and putting things in order. Sorry I live too far away to come and help!
    My suggestion is 'baby steps', spend 10-15 minute a day and take a box/shelf at a time.
    First prepare some empty boxes in which to sort things, e.g. a) books, b) fabric, c) thread, d) notions e) ideas f) UFOs etc
    When everything has been sorted into these boxes, take a box at a time and decide if you want to keep it, give or toss it away.
    Once you have scaled down you hopefully will find it easier to pick up your needle again.
    A short time each day over a longer period and it will be done.
    Good luck!

  6. You were the first sign-up? Wow Debbie, they ought to give you free membership for life, lol!

    Oh girl, you need to reclaim your space. When faced with a major clean-up, it really helps to know what you're dealing with. I put all "like" items into piles - rulers, patterns, fabrics, etc. You need to know how much space you need to give to each set of like items. While I'm doing that, I also cull - if I have duplicates, I give one away. Once you know how much space you'll need, you can figure out where it can go, and that will determine your layout. The first thing I would do is take everything out, and start making piles.

    Wish I could come help you, I LOVE to do this, lol!

  7. That is pretty impressive that you've been a member since the show started. What a compliment to the Quilt Show.


  8. Debbie, this is my challenge too. I agree with what the others have said about taking it piece by piece. I've done the first I'll clean this space up and then this space, etc. lists and I can check or scratch off each one as it is done. I'm also trying to gather like items together so I know what I'm dealing with when it comes time to store items. I was going to add not to put a mixture of items in one box. I've done that and now I have a lot of mixed up boxes to go through. I'm taking my time contemplating and researching the best way to store the various items. Will be looking forward to seeing your after photos!

  9. I'd recommend that you tackle one part at a time. It would drive me crazy to box everything up and empty my room, but I have a friend who did this. It worked for her:) Would love the Quilt Show membership. I subscribed when it first aired, but have not been able to renew. Happy Quilting!

  10. I haven't read the other comments, so hopefully this comment isn't a duplicate. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it's what has worked for me the best. I'd tackle the mess by clearing EVERYTHING out. Dust, vacuum, start with an empty room as much as possible. Then I'd gradually go thru and from scratch either put things back in an organized way (bins, shelving, etc.) or throw it out if you haven't used it in so many months/years. I'd love to be entered to win.

  11. I love the pictures of your sewing room! I always hid mine because of the mess - but your pictures let me know that its ok. Thank you!


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