Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo catch up and giveaway winner

Here are some more photos of my very messy sewing room. See the comments on the previous post for some very good ideas from others on how to tackle the mess. Wish me luck!

 Under this floral fabric are mounds of fabrics being 
protected from the dust and light because they don't fit into the cabinets.

I'm a week late, but here are the photos of last week's snowstorm in Jerusalem. We get snow every couple of years, but the last time we had a big storm like this was 20 years ago! We have video of the four older kids then playing in the snow (youngest wasn't born yet) and it was a lot of fun to watch. That's my 20something year old son making a giant snowball last week!

I don't think I've ever done a giveaway that had so few entries. But, that meant that the odds were better and congratulations go to Queenie who won the 6 month membership to the Quilt Show! We've been in touch and I've sent her the gift certificate.




  1. I am very much comforted by seeing your sewing room. Really have to get to grips with mine!
    And that is an enormous snowball!
    I am on no reply because I prefer people to come to my blog and comment there.

  2. Wow! That view of 'snow country' could have been Tokyo at the weekend! We have snow more often than you do, I think, but it gives the same kind of joy to the children - snow is a great toy and that is a giant snowball!
    I now see the extent of your sorting out job! You already have a lot sorted, the books on the shelves and the plastic cases. My suggestion is that you start with the un-organised mess and see if you can group each item there to an existing order. E.g. books to the bookcase, fabric to the right plastic case. Maybe you also need to cull a number of things. What do you really want to do in the future? If you have made, e.g. a paper foundation quilt and didn't like it, why not get rid of all the books, paper patterns related to that type of quilting.
    Thank you for picking my name in the draw.

  3. what a mass of goodies I can see in your sewing room, would love to see all the fabric hidden in the 2 piles. Must admit my books are all kept tidy on the bookcase but there are bits and pieces that need to find a home maybe one day they will.
    Good on you Queenie, a well deserved winner,

  4. Congrats Queenie! Cheers, Jenny Jo

  5. I feel so much better seeing your sewing room, which looks a bit like our living room AND sewing room! Please keep us apprised as to how you organize it!
    My son was in Israel on Birthright last week,and as a California kid, was very excited about the snowfall. Love your pictures!

  6. That sewing room looks normal to me! My sewing room is the living/dining room and I REAllY struggle! Seeing pictures like this makes me want to investigate other peoples treasures!

  7. Gosh!!! Debbie,there's a lot of stuff in there..It looks heavenly ( in terms of the stitchy stuff) ..but yes, it's a messy heaven ;)

  8. The photos of your sewing room are refreshingly honest. So often people only show their perfect rooms. I tell my family if I die to not let anyone into my sewing room, just burn it to save embarrassment - although since I invested in a few new cupboards it's a bit more presentable.

  9. Thanks for sharing your sewing room pictures with us Debbie! It's so hard to get rid of things because you must might use it sometime down the road. Hope the organizing is going well and that you're able to make some room. After 5 months of cold and a lot of snow, I am definitely ready for spring!


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