Monday, March 2, 2009

Current quilt I'm working on

I recently participated in the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler red and white block swap from the SBS mailing list. Above are the blocks I received. My plan is to make a baby quilt for my granddaughter using most of the blocks mixed together, probably in some kind of diagonal setting, with some redwork blocks. But, instead of the traditional red on white embroidery, I'm going to make them white on red. Below are the fabrics I'll be using for the backgrounds.
I found a lot nice free redwork embroidery patterns here. And, I had downloaded these when they were first offered as a free block of the month. Some of them are really cute.


  1. Great blocks-this is going to look so cool with white embroidery on red-I've never seen that and can't wait to see your blocks. Thanks for the links...I've always wanted to do a Nursery Rhyme redwork quilt.

  2. I love the red and white blocks. I think it will make a fantastic quilt!


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