Thursday, March 5, 2009


I love making things with hexagons. So, I recently joined The Great Hexagon Quilt - Along (also see logo in my sidebar.) Here are two little quilt items that I made a couple of years ago. This triptych I made for the Ricky Tims MicroCosmos Challenge. They're each 5"x7". The theme was Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. There were so many different types of interpretations. Some of them I couldn't even figure out how they fit into the theme! (They really are rectangles, it was the camera angle.)
I made a whole bunch of these for a fabric postcard swap that I participated in. I really enjoyed making them and did not get bored making the multiples! It's 4"x6". It was even more fun getting the postcards from the others in the swap.


  1. Hello Debbie,
    I am Maria Clara from spain.
    I discovering your blog and is precious!
    I have liked much "swap of Hexagons fabric postcard"!
    I would like to do swap with you!!!

    Maria Clara

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