Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Empire Quilt Show

All the quilts of the Empire Quilt Show a week and a half ago have been put on their website, so I'm just going to share some of the closeup photos that I took. For my favorite quilt, the one that won Best Pieced, Grandma's Hexagarden by Mary Anne Ciccotelli, I'm going to give you her blog, which has better pictures than I took. I voted for this one for Viewer's Choice. All those tiny folded hexagons are amazing! Also the black background hexagons are folded. For this hexagon junkie, it was a treat to see! My next favorite things in the quilt show weren't quilts at all! They were the handmade Best of Ribbons. They have them on the website, but the closeups don't show much. So, here are some. Click on each photo for a larger version so you can see the beading and embroidery.
Here is a closeup of the Best of Show, where you can see the use of the black and white fabrics a bit better.
My favorite non-award quilt is by Karen Griska's Firing on all Cylinders in the Pieced category. Below is a portion of the quilt to click on and see larger. She's the Selvage Blog lady and author of Quilts from the Selvage Edge. This one looks a lot like her selvage quilts. This is proof that you should never throw out even the thinnest strip of fabric!
Enjoy! Debbie


  1. I thought the ribbons were amazing also! I am so honored to have one hanging in my studio. Thanks for the kind comments on my Grandma's Hexagarden. I love the folded hexagons I am always on the lookout for more inspirations on how I can use them - which I just found today. But it seems I always have way more ideas than time!
    Mary Anne

  2. What a nice surprise to see my "Firing on All Cylinders" fan quilt on your blog! I'm glad you liked it. It was a blast to make.
    I'm inspired by your examples of stamping. I have to try that.


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