Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quilts I saw in Florida

I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to write about this quilt exhibit before it closed this past weekend. When I was in Florida a few weeks ago, I went to the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Exhibit in Homestead. There were many art quilts among the traditional and contemporary. A lot of variety. I'm still waiting for the results of the viewer's choice poll to be posted to their site! Here are some photos of the quilts that I found interesting. Click on any photo to bring up details of quilting or enlargement of text. The first two are what are sometimes called 'slice' quilts. A group of quilters cut up a photograph and everyone makes their section and then it's sewn together and quilted.
Next is a quilt in which I loved the effect of the light illusion in the center. I think the spotlights on the quilt also had an effect on the photo. I liked the stitching and the different fiber supplies used in it, too.
Next is a quilt made of many little molas that the quilter bought on vacation in South America. You can see the embroidery detail in the enlargements.
Unfortunately, I did not get the description and maker's name of this next one. I thought it was well made and I loved the quilting. I tried to get a good detail of the quilting.
Added June 25: See new comment with explanation, by Rosa Brito, who quilted this quilt.
Enjoy, Debbie


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures. I am brain storming for a wallhanging in my bedroom and this has been great food for thought!

  2. Stunning work on display at this exhibition.
    Thanks for sharing the experience.

  3. Judy Momenzadeh15 June, 2009 13:51

    Debbie-I'm so happy you were able to visit our exhibit. Thank you for blogging about it.

  4. Hello Debbie,
    My name is Rosa Brito, Executive Director of ArtSouth and a member of Ocean Waves. ArtSouth hosted the OW Quilt Exhibit in March. It was definitely one of the best exhibits that we have sponsored. I am also the quilter of the Red/White appliqué quilt that you liked. The quilt was done by Erna Maxwell, also a member of Ocean Waves. The pattern is "Flourishes" from Piece O' Cake designs, Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins are the designers. I think Erna received a viewer’s choice ribbon for her beautiful quilt. I posted pictures of the quilt show in ArtSouth's FACEBOOK Page you can link to the photos from our home page our website is
    I also posted photos of the quilt on my web shots photo album; here is a link to the page

    I'm glad you enjoyed the show, the ladies did an excellent job and the quilts were amazing.

    Rosa Brito
    email address
    Miami, FL


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