Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nice yarn shop

I had heard about this yarn shop some time ago and every time I'd been to Ra'anana I kept looking for it whenever we drove down the street of its address, a main street. I was just curious to see the place, not like I need any yarn or anything, LOL! Anyway, two days ago we were walking on a side street there and I bumped into the shop! It seems that all the stores on this side street have the address of the main street. Anyway, it was closed for afternoon break and I didn't have time to wait or come back later. That was good for my pocketbook! I hope I get back there someday when it is open. It's such an interesting looking store, with an unusual outer decor, that I had to take some pictures.
I noticed the store because of this sculpture that was standing on the sidewalk.
Now take a look at the railing and the front door handle. How cute!


  1. What a lovely store. Very creative and inviting. I wish more shopkeepers were as inventive.

  2. Hi Debbie, I see you visited my shop. Thank you for the kind words. Next time, please call for opening hours, we'll be happy to have you. Happy Knitting, Orly
    By the way, you can reach us at www.GourmetYarnShop.com

  3. What a wonderful welcome for those who work with fibers! Thanks for posting. LisaD in upstate NY

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures. What a wonderful shop!

    Bonnie Limberg
    BL Beans

  5. Shalom! I'm visiting from San Diego and love to knit, sew... I'll be based in Jerusalem for a few days Apr 14-18. What are you shop hours during the week?

    Thank you and looking forward to it!
    Michele (Miram)

    1. Don't know if you're reading this, Michele, but I can't reply to your comment directly because you don't have your email address in your profile. This yarn shop is in Raanana, not Jerusalem, and it's not my shop. You can write to Orly by going to the website she posted in a previous comment.


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