Monday, April 13, 2009

Yesterday's Quinglish

What is Quinglish? Quinglish is the term someone coined years ago for our gatherings of English speaking quilters from around the country. They occur once or twice annually, usually on Passover or Sukkot or both. Usually graciously hosted in the home of Terry in Ra'anana. This year's new and capable chairperson's of the Accent Quilters, Adi and Michal, ran the show and did a great job. I know that Terry's camera got many more good pictures than me. If Terry uploads them, I will edit this post to include her link. In the meantime, you'll have to settle for whatever Show and Tell I managed to record. As usual, if you click on the photo you'll get to a good enlargement where you can see more detail.
Adi and Michal holding up Terry's appliqued circles of hand-dyed fabrics
Marlyn with her prized pinwheel quilt Tzvia, Adi, and Terry holding up Tzvia's and Henrietta's quilts made from the same pattern. At the time they were making them, neither knew the other was doing it Tzvia and Terry with their Stack and Whack hexagon quilts and a second one by Terry
Tzvia and Terry with their Jewel Box pattern quilts
Tzvia and Terry with their quilts made using Ricky Tim's Kaleidescope style
Monica and her unusual quilt made of mostly hand-dyes. Some of the fabrics Monica painted. I sure wish I had captured the center embroidery better! Miri with her Disappearing nine-patch set on point and two quilts made in the log cabin style, but totally strip pieced! Miri will be teaching workshops on these two patterns at The Quilt Center in Bustan Hagalil.


  1. Debbie, I'm so glad you posted these pictures. With all my family obligations over Pesach, there is probably no way I will ever get to the Quinglish (VBS), so I was happy to at least get to see some photos. Did you bring any quilts of your own to show? Do you have photos of those? Are you going to the get-together at Pissott today?

  2. We think alike...I just posted about the Quinlish too! You got much better pictures than I did :)

  3. how wonderful to be able to read about this talented group of women!
    Chag Sameach to all.
    Sharon in Montreal


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