Friday, April 1, 2011

The Pi Shawl

What you see here is the finished, not yet blocked, pi shawl that I wrote about a little while back. I'm waiting for my husband to buy me some styrofoam boards that I can put together for blocking the shawl. After that I will be using the boards for a portable design wall. I don't remember, but I think the shawl is coming out about 1.7 meters in diameter. When it's blocked, I'll measure it again.

Back when Electric Quilt came out with Version 7, I bought my first quilt design program. In the fall, I started taking the Quilt University classes that they offer for the software. Fran Gonzalez does a fabulous job teaching how to use EQ7. Last week the 2nd set of four lessons ended. I got very behind and am almost finished with Lesson 1! I thought about what would make me more likely to push ahead and get moving to work on the lessons and decided that writing about my progress might help. I would want to most more often, so I would need to keep working on the lessons so that I have something to show.

This class is called Building Blocks and here's the last block that I finished while in Lesson 1. Those experienced with EQ will laugh, but this is great for me! It's called Fancy Spools and it's made up of a four patch and Four X Variation.

Hopefully, by Sunday, I'll have more to show...

Have a great weekend,



  1. That shawl is just gorgeous Debbie! Good idea to use styrofoam boards.
    I've never tried EQ, I don't think I'd ever get the hang of it. Either that or I would have to work so hard to get it done in EQ, I'd never get it done in actual fabric, lol!

  2. Love the shawl!!! I can tell it is a beauty! Do you think you will get it blocked before Pesach?
    I see that one can not have too many shawls and socks in Israel. Layering is the way of life.

  3. Your Pi shawl is wonderful!

    EQ7 is a wonderful program! I designed all the quilts that are in my book with EQ. Another thing that may help you keep going with EQ is participating, or at least observing the EQ challenges, because you will see what others are able to do with the program, and it will challenge you to use tools that you might otherwise not think about.


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