Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marking pens

One of the things that I bought during my trip to the U.S. were several different marking pens. My intention is to use them to mark the YTRR mini quilt that's still waiting to be quilted. I have extra fabric and want to test different pens. The small package, by Clover, I bought at the City Quilter. The first two on the left, I bought at a sewing supply shop right across the street from F.I.T. in NYC. The first one on the right, I bought here at the Quilt Center shop in north of Akko.

If anyone has any advice for me on their experiences with any of these markers, that would be great. As I mentioned, I plan to test them on the same fabrics that are in the little quilt top before I do anything serious with them.




  1. I use clover pen (the third from left in your photo). I use it for applique and embroidery. It really disappears when you spray water on it. I use the water-spray button in the iron.

  2. I've used the 2nd & 4th. Both work well. I haven't had trouble washing either out with just a spray bottle. I live in a very dry climate and lines have been good (as well as removeable) after months. Only complaint is that the "Fine Line" marker seems to dry out quickly. It's OK if I buy it for a specific project, but if I pull it out months later it no longer works. A friend had trouble having all the ink wash out when she just tossed it in the wash, so I have made it a point to "spritz" the lines gone before washing.

  3. I've heard that you need to wash the marks out well in the sink (or tub) before tossing in the washer as the soap can actually set the marks. One friend years ago had the marks "reappear" as brown marks after she just spritzed the quilt but never actually washed it. I've used them in the past and just made sure that I washed all the ink out well in plain water...no trouble and no reappearing marks!

    I used the fine marker but its true-it does dry out quickly.

  4. Debbie, I like Clover's pen - it seems to last the longest [the pen itself, not the marks]. Otherwise they're pretty much the same! I use a washcloth to "blot" the lines when I'm done, then I wash the quilt in cool water. Never had a problem with them!


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