Friday, January 7, 2011

Sewing machine found in garbage

Recently my husband was passing one of the familiar local huge garbage bins and spied a box on the side that looked like the shape of a sewing machine case. 

He decided to check it out and, sure enough, there was a real sewing machine in there. It looks barely used, but it is old because it is made from the heavy metal (steel? iron?) that the older machines were made of.  The thing is really heavy.

The Hebrew letters on the right side say "Totzeret Yisrael" - product of Israel. On the front it says "MARDIX Super IV-M". We couldn't find anything about it on google. I haven't looked for a serial number yet or anything to indicate a year. There's no manual.

I haven't tried it out yet because while the wires and foot pedal are there and there is one bobbin case, one bobbin and one presser foot, the plug end of the wire was taken off and I'm still waiting for my husband to put a new one on.




  1. In America that could be taken to the metal buyers and they'd give you money for just the metal content. Much better if you could fix it and use it of course.

  2. Debbie, that looks like it may be a good find. Why would someone trash a sewing machine that works?? If it doesn't maybe your husband can get it up and running. Keep us posted.

  3. Many of those old machines make a great stitch and are real workhorses. I would have been a little concerned that it could have been made for US power (110)--and that's why the plug was chopped off--but with the "product of Israel" labeling, it shouldn't be a problem. When I lived in France, I know some Americans working with me burned out their US sewing machines when they ran them with adapters.

    You should be OK unless it's a product of Israel made for the US market.

  4. That would be so much fun to sew with. I have a Featherweight which sews beautifully.

  5. Looks like Hubby has a good eye.
    Let us know how things work out once he's had a chance to re-wire.

  6. It's beautiful! Love the older machines, they're so sturdy. I hope you can get some info on it, and hopefully download a manual!

  7. WOW! That is a great find...wonder how many were even made- its the first I've heard of a Made In Israel sewing machine!

    Keep us posted on how it works!

  8. Hi Debby, I have the exact same machine. It was passed down to me from my grandmother (I am for Israel)...The machine is about 50 years old even more. When I receieved it from my mother it hadn't been used fo about 15 years. I oiled it and it works perfectly, even has a little light that switches on when you plug it in. I would be grateful if you could give me some pointers on how to use it as it's not quite like the new is my e-mail address thank you!!

    1. Hi my name is Paulina, my father in law passed away and I found this Mardix sewing machine, but this is older ... unfurtantely I can´t find any information on google. I know is a tresure but I would like to learn more about it. please reply if you could help me with some info.

  9. Hello,
    I have the exact same machine too (I'm from Israel)
    It seems that I have a problem with the threading.
    Is there a chance you can give me a quick explanation as to haw I should thread it?
    My mail is:

  10. So, whatever happened to the machine ?

  11. So, whatever happened to the machine ?

  12. Hello Debbie, We need your help! Please teach us if in case you are already sewing in your Mardix machine. My Israeli employer gave me this exact same machine and i hope i can use it. So please help debbie


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