Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meeting Carol Doak

One of the highlights of my trip in November was getting to meet Carol Doak, the Queen of Foundation Paper Piecing! She was teaching at a guild in New Jersey on the last weekend that I was there. It was about a 50 minute drive from my parent's home, so who could resist! I've been helping Carol to moderate her Yahoogroup over the past several years and we've been corresponding, so it was exciting to finally have the opportunity to meet in person. We spent some time at her hotel before going to the guild. I brought some of my mini foundation pieced quilts for show and tell and Carol show and telled images from her iPad! Carol is such a lovely and sweet person and I very much enjoyed getting to know her.

Carol's lecture at the guild was fantastic. She is lots of fun and funny, too! We all enjoyed her Powerpoint presentation about her quilting life and her trunk show of many quilts, especially all those wonderful minis.

 One of the nicest things was that Carol gifted me with a small quilt top. It's the actual top that was made for and shown on The Quilt Show episode that featured Carol teaching her brand of foundation paper piecing. How cool is that!

If you love quilting and are a foundation paper piecer or just want to learn FPP, you must join Carol's Yahoogroup. She gives us loads of free patterns and it's one of the best groups around with a wonderful group of members.




  1. Carol truly is a dynamo! She is funny and entertaining as well as a wealth of knowledge. So glad you were able to meet her.

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  3. She sounds wonderful - I've admired her patterns for a long time! So glad you finally got to meet her!

  4. Debbie, this was a delightful post. I would have enjoyed meeting her too. This was a great opportunity and will be a pleasant memory, always.


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