Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sewing machine stuff

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So, my son put a plug on the machine and the motor ran when the foot pedal was pressed. But, nothing else moved. He couldn't even budge the flywheel. The first thing I thought of was that there's no oil in this thing! I looked under the machine and you can see no trace of there ever having been any grease there. Usually, when oil 'dries out' there is dusty residue. But here there was nothing. It really looked like this machine had never been used. We placed oil in a bunch of holes under and around the machine. 

Mechanism, underside of machine

My son took apart the flywheel area and we put oil in there, too. After putting it together, he managed to loosen up the whole thing. And, yay, the needle was going up and down! So, I put a piece of paper in and nada. The feed dogs wouldn't stay up! There is a dial to turn for different levels of the feed dogs and when I turned it back and forth, the feed dogs came up, but when starting the machine, they wouldn't move back up after moving down. 

feed dogs dial
So, I thought, great, I'll try freemotion! I took off the presser foot and stuck a piece of fabric in, started the machine, and promptly broke the needle because I pulled to hard! If I have any left to right threading needles in the house, I wouldn't have any idea where to find them. So, I have to wait until I can find a nearby place that sells them and then call a repair guy to figure out the feed dog problem. Oh, when I broke the needle, the little wire piece right above the needle that holds the thread down, also broke!

I also have a Featherweight and a regular Singer machine, but don't know where the extra needles are for those, or if those needles would even fit this machine.  

My Bernina 1630 is in need of servicing, but I keep putting it off because the dealer is so inaccessible. Due to making many of the streets downtown into pedestrian malls or off limits to private cars, you can't drive up to the store anymore. They would also be able to repair this 'new' machine. I'm going to find out if they'll pick up and deliver. They didn't used to, but, you never know. Otherwise, I'll need to find out if there's anyone else in Jerusalem that will service Berninas.
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  1. Quite an adventure!
    Can you tell me is the sewing machine will run from the transformer? Is it worth it? I got a brand new machine but does it make sence to bring it with me?

  2. Hi Debbie, My Bernina dealer is in Petach Tikva and I know he goes to Har Nof. He fixes other machines as well. He and his brother are very fine men. Natan and Yisroel. They have a few phone numbers 03 9308219, 050 5342199(I believe is Natan) and 1 800 204090. I hope they can help you.

  3. Hi, What do you mean by "left to right threading needles"? I suspect that this machine may just take standard sewing machine needles. It's at least worth a try - put in a new needle and then carefully and slowly move the hand wheel by hand to check that nothing will hit in the bobbin area. Good luck!

  4. Hm - I sure hope you can get it fixed - I wouldn't want a shop I couldn't drive up to, machines are HEAVY! I think it's amazing the machine's never been used.

  5. It would be lovely if you could get the machine working. It is a gem!


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